Samurai iOS Developer

Porto, Portugal

Who we are

We're different! We've been around for a long time, seven years and counting, long before the startup entrepreneurship trend started popping up in Porto, and from the very beginning, we've relentlessly pursued the dream of coding for perfection as opposed to focusing only on shipping regardless of quality. If you're in the industry, you know that's a tough act to follow. We have one of the biggest open-source technology portfolios in Portugal, and at the same time, we're thriving and growing as a business!

Samurai iOS Developer

We're looking for an iOS fanboy that doesn't bash Android just because. Someone who's focused on making the best iOS apps ever and is willing to extract the best patterns from anywhere in order to improve the experience of his applications.

Want to finally be able to write good code and be valued for doing so? Then rip off your necktie, slip into something casual, and come become a part of something greater!

Essential skills

  • Obsessed with delivering world class code quality.
  • Developed at least a handful of apps that are now published on the App Store.
  • Knows Git (and knows it wasn't invented by GitHub).
  • Comfortable working directly with designers and clients (no need to be shy).
  • Highly proficient in written and spoken English.


  • Solved "Little Buddha's Riddle" problem.
  • Can't stand the sight of bad code without puking.
  • Currently has, or had personal/pet software projects at some point in time.
  • Contributed to one or more open-source projects.
  • Uses and/or contributes to Stack Overflow.

What We Offer

  • Competitive salary.
  • Tech-savvy team that's constantly trying to push the envelope.
  • Agile work with minimal hierarchy and bureaucracy.
  • Located in trendy downtown Porto.
  • Few steps away from all public transportation services (train, metro, bus, taxi, uber).
  • Open terrace with a fantastic view.
  • Chillaxing" building floor equipped with bean bags, Nespresso machine, and about to get taken to a whole other level of coziness.

To apply send us an email to